The Cook County 2014 Annual Appropriation:

The $3.5 billion FY2014 Annual Appropriation budget includes investments in the expansion of CountyCare, support for key public safety initiatives, and includes an increase in grant funds. This budget builds on the success of the three prior budgets, and does not include any new taxes, fees or fines.  Click here for a summary of activities by fund type

Based on preliminary projections, the County was facing a $152.1 million shortfall in the General and Health Enterprise Funds for 2014.  The budget gap was solved through CCHHS reimbursements ($86.5 million), CCHHS expenditure reductions ($10.5 million), net revenue growth ($16.5 million), additional expenditure reductions ($24.2 million) and reductions in health and pharmacy costs ($14.4 million). Click here for a Residents Guide to the 2014 Budget

In 2014, the Health Enterprise Fund, which increased by 16.8 percent, will be established as an Enterprise Fund, separate from the General Fund.   With full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, CountyCare reimbursements are anticipated to have a net revenue impact of $278 million on the Health and Hospital System budget.  As a result, the Health and Hospital System moves toward greater self-sufficiency and the subsidy is 53% lower than in 2010.  Click here for our 2014 revenue estimates.